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SolaHD K20E2H75S 75KVA 480D-208Y K-20 RATED
SolaHD K20E2H75S
SolaHD K20E2H75S 75KVA 480D-208Y K-20 RATED

SolaHD K20E2H75S
List Price: $9,140.99
Our Price: $5,742.73
Savings: $3,398.26
Manufacturer: SolaHD

Product Code: K20E2H75S

K-Factor Transformers
SolaHD K-Factor transformers are designed to reduce the heating effects of harmonic currents created by loads. The K-Factor rating is an index of the transformer’s ability to withstand harmonic content while operating within the temperature limits of its insulating system. SolaHD's K-Factor transformers have UL ratings of K-4, K-13, and K-20.

The SolaHD K-Factor design is a specialized transformer that offers these benefits:
  • Conductors capable of carrying the harmonic currents of non-linear loads without exceeding the temperature rating of the insulation system.
  • A transformer design that takes into account the increase in naturally occurring “stray” losses caused by non-linear loads. These losses cause standard transformers to dramatically overheat and substantially shorten design life.
  • A core and coil design that manages the DC flux caused by triplen harmonics. As these harmonics increase, they cause additional current to circulate in the delta winding. This produces a DC flux in the core which leads to core saturation, voltage instability and overheating.

  • Energy Efficient Compliant to DOE 2016
  • Conductors to carry harmonics of a K-rated load without exceeding insulation temperature ratings.
  • UL 1561 Listed up to K-20 rated protection.
  • Rated temperature rise of 150°C, 220°C insulation.
  • Shielded for quality power.
  • Basic design takes “stray losses” into account and functions within safe operating temperatures.
  • Core and coil design engineered to manage the zero sequence flux caused by triplen harmonics.
  • Provides 100% rated current without overheating the windings or saturating the core.
  • Meets transit test requirements for ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) – Test Procedure 1E for packaged-product.
  • Quiet operation with sound levels 3-6 dB below the NEMA ST-20 requirements
Accessories and Optional Design Styles
  • Wall mounting brackets (500 lbs maximum) (Item WB1C)
  • Weather Shields (UL Listed/NEMA Type 3R)
  • Totally enclosed non-ventilated designs (TENV) (Non UL) *
  • Low temperature rise units available
  • Open core and coil designs (UL Recognized)
  • Copper Wound designs
  • Alternate voltages
Certifications and Compliances
  • Listed: E25872
    • UL 1561

Our Price: $97.80
SolaHD WS30

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