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Control Power Solutions
Industrial Control Transformers
  > SBE Series Encapsulated Copper Wound Transformers
  > HZ Series Industrial Control Transformers
  > ICE International Series Transformers
  > SMT Series Aluminum Wound Open Style Transformers
  > SBE Series Copper Wound Open Style Transformers
  > International Series Control Transformers
Power Supplies
  > SDN-P DIN Rail Series Power Supplies
  > SL Series Single and Multi Output Power Supplies
  > SDN-C Performance DIN Rail Series Power Supplies
  > SVL Series Power Supplies
  > Power Supply Redundancy (RED) Modules
  > SDP Low Power DIN Rail Series Power Supplies
  > SCP-X Series Standalone IP67 Power Supplies
  > SCD Encapsulated Industrial DC to DC Converter
  > SCP Series 30 Watt Switched Power Supplies
Power Quality and Distribution Solutions
Power Conditioning
  > MCR Hardwired Series Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation
  > SOLATRON Plus Series Three Phase Power Conditioners
  > CVS Hardwired Series Constant Voltage Transformers
  > MCR Portable Series Power Line Conditioning with Voltage Regulation
Power Protection
  > STC-SS Series Surge Protection Devices
  > STC-POE Series, Category 5 and 6 Power-over-Ethernet
  > STV25K DIN Rail Series Surge Protective Devices
  > Drive Isolation Transformers
  > STV100K Series Hardwired Surge Protective Devices
  > STC-DRS Series DIN Rail Surge Protection Device
  > STFE Elite Series Tracking Filter with Surge
  > SDU AC - A Series DIN Rail UPS
  > S4K4U-C 6 kVA and S4K6U-C 10 kVA Industrial On-Line UPS
  > SLN and SPS Mini-Tower Off-line UPS
  > STC-642 Series Data Signal Line Surge Protective Devices
  > SDU Series DIN Rail DC UPS System
  > S4K5U-5C 6 kVA International On-Line UPS
  > S4K2U-C and S4K2U-5C Industrial On-Line UPS
  > STC-SLAC Series Surge Protection Devices
  > S5KC Modular Series On-Line UPS
  > STFV Plus Series Tracking Filter with Surge Protection
  > SPD200K and SPD300K Series Surge Protective Devices
  > SPD50K Series Surge Protective Devices
  > Automation Transformers Non Ventilated 50 VA to 45 kVA
  > K-Factor Ventilated Transformers
  > Buck-Boost Transformers
  > Low Temperature Rise Ventilated Transformers
  > Automation Transformers, Floor Mount, Non-Ventilated 15 kVA to 150
  > General Purpose Ventilated Transformers

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